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Accentuate the POSITIVE, Eliminate the NEGATIVE!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Accentuate the POSITIVE, Eliminate the NEGATIVE!

The Negative

  • Do you have a hard time breaking away from the negative thoughts that haunt you daily?

Negative is defined as a word or statement that expresses denial, disagreement, or refusal. Why are we as a people so bent or prone to accept the negative thoughts or feelings we have about ourselves or what others impose upon us? Why aren't we quicker to be kinder to ourselves?

You aren't better than us!

Growing up that is the phrase I heard often from my peers. You aren't better than us! No matter how much I tried to fit in I still wasn't enough. I lost who I was at a very young age, in middle school to be exact. I down played my intellect, I down played my larger than life personality. I became some one who wasn't at all better nor was I walking in the fact that I was different. I took on role of playing less than what I was created to be and mastered that role.

You see our parents conceived us but God knew us before even that point . He placed all of the gifts and talents into our fabrication. We were fashioned in his image and after his likeness. So from the very beginning we were destined for greatness. How did we lose it or better question why do we give it away?

I remember how I lost me when I came into agreement with what "they" said about me as opposed to believing in what I was destined to be. I thought if I believed I was great, others would see that as bragging. I wanted to be humble. I began to play into the false humility aspect of things. I did not realize that in order to be humble by definition I had to show a low estimate of my own importance. WAIT!! you mean to tell me in order to fit in I had to basically lower myself to unimportant, and invaluable in any regard. TUH!! still wondering how I ended up here?

I ended up in a place of perpetual humility ( by mans standards)