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Meet Teara

Award-winning author, speaker, and transformational coach

The emergence of a Leader is the rebirth of the spirit

Teara Stewart


Viewing my portfolio, you will discover I have over a decade of leadership experience, knowledge and/or training to offer to you. In addition to the my educational and experiential background. I offer the lessons learned from my many wounds, wins, scars, low points and triumphs. Through my strong faith in Jesus Christ, knowledge, experiences and disruptive approach, I have been able to assist leaders at all stages and phases develop into the most powerful versions of themselves.  Through various methods, they've experienced transformation in their relationships, quality of life, and career endeavors. When leadership steps up, things around them shift.  It is time to reshape the world around you!​I am a minister of The Gospel. I hold a bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration.  I have been certified by The John Maxwell Team as a speaker, trainer, and coach. I am an alumni member of the Baton Rouge's Business Reports' Executive Leadership Academy and Leader School Academy. I have received my certification as a Behavioral Analyst which grants me a greater ability to help you understand YOU better. I am a Certified Belief Therapist where I have been trained to aid you in identifying the lies that hold you hostage to the lower levels you are resting on. I am also a ten-time award-winning author, I have co-authored sixteen anthology projects and authored The Emergence of a Leader, Vol I as a solo publication. ​​I am currently serving as an Instructor at a local training academy for adult learners. Previously I served as the practice manager of a thriving dental office in the Baton Rouge Area. As of the year 2023 I have served in the dental field for thirteen years, nine of those years were spent in some capacity of leadership. I am the former president of the Southeast Louisiana Chapter of the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM). ​​As a wife and mother, I am a co-leader who is incredibly proud of my amazing husband and our three young kings. Attending sporting events, parks, laughing until my cheeks hurt, reading, writing and singing are some of my hobbies. I am a firm believer in growing until I go. If I am not getting better daily, than what am I doing actually?  So, you will always find me Leveling up myself when I am not helping others Level Up themselves.

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